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Dynemech offers a variety of SCREW SUPPORT MOUNTS Series DL/DLC/DLM/DLMS/DLT/DML to improve the design and performance of the machine tools to meet customer demand. Insulation plates having different load carrying capacities and different natural frequencies are assembled with screw support mounts to suit almost every industrial application.
Series DL is for machines having tapped holes in the base. These mounts have a dimple on the top and the bolt from the machine foot rests over this dimple. Leveling of the machine can be done by turning the bolt. 
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Leveling Anti Vibration Mounts 
Dynemech DLM/DLMSSeries Mounts, developed in steel and stainless steel respectively are simple and effective vibration dampers for machines with respective holes in the base. The flexible leveling screw accommodates uneven/sloped surfaces upto 5 degree. DLMS series find application where corrosion resistant materials for hygienic, climatic and environmental  reasons are required like in pharmaceutical, food and beverages processing and packaging units, medical equipment manufacturing and chemical processing industries.
Dynemech MacLevel, Series DML is suitable for high speed rotating machines having small or no axial forces.
DLT Series mounts are used in the machines which must be anchored to the floor along with leveling and vibration reduction. Bolts with thru holes are provided in the machine foot and anchor bolt passes from the machine foot, mount and anchored in the floor nut. An insulating disc is provided between the nut and the machine foot to prevent vibration from transmitting in the floor via the bolt. The dimple and the thru hole in the mount are provided as per the bolt specifications of the machine.
Applications: CNC Turning/Machining Centers, Power Presses, Injection Moulding Machines, Tool Room Machines, Grinding Machines, Measuring and Testing Machines, Generators,  Heavy Industrial and material handling Equipment
, Food Processing & Pharmaceutical equipment , all conventional and CNC machines .

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