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Anti Vibration Sheets

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Anti Vibration Sheets
Anti Vibration Sheets

Dynemech offers an extensive range of ANTI VIBRATION SHEETS made from high grade synthetic elastomeric composite material. Dynemech Vibration Isolation Sheets have different load capacities and are available in different natural frequencies to suit various industrial applications. Combined with an exhaustive range of levelling elements and mechanical wedges , these elastomeric insulation sheets limit the transmission of structure- borne vibration and oscillatory impacts. Structure borne shock and damaging vibration reduce the production efficiency of machinery besides causing operational fatigue and discomfort.  Dynemech is committed to providing indigenous and cost effective solutions for vibration free installation and alignment of production machinery.

These Vibration Control Insulation Plates are resistant to water, oils, lubricating oils, fuels etc. used in the shop floor. Elastomers are known to provide inherent damping
of dynamic oscillating inputs. Each insulation sheet has defined stress value and can be placed directly under the machine as per the weight of the machine and no. of mounting positions. These plates are engineered to a range of stiffness's to meet varied load bearing requirements and don't deform plastically, if the weight of machine does not exceed maximum load value of the insulation plates. The available thicknesses are 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm.
Applications: Precision Machine Tools, Textile Machines, HVAC equipment, Measuring and testing machines, and all types of industrial machines causing vibrations.

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