Monday, 10 October 2011

Auto-Levelling Pneumatic Vibration Isolators

Fig1: Dynemech's DLPM Pneumatic Auto-Leveling Vibration Mount.

Dynemech's DLPM Mounts are low frequency vibration isolation pneumatic mounts. These Anti-Vibration mounts have auto levelling arrangement which consists of three isolators for 3-point precision levelling. Each isolator consists of a levelling valve which is the load sensing and height controlling element. Systems are supplied with automatic height control valves, tubing and all other pneumatic accessories necessary for complete systems installation.

This finds application in passive vibration control of CMM, Surface Plates and all types of Precision Measuring & Testing Machines.

Dynemech DLPM Mounts have minimal setting time. Long setting time using pneumatic isolators is not acceptable because precision measuring and positioning machines can suffer repeatability errors and
through-put losses.

These mounts are connected to continous air-supply and keep monitoring the load at 3 points and provide necessary levelling automatically. These mounts have been designed indigeneously in India and provide precise leveling accuracies of +/- 0.15mm over 1m.

Fig2: Surface Plate on Dynemech's DLPM Pneumatic Vibration Mounts.

Dynemech's Pneumatic Leveling feet provide low frequency vibration reduction and hence are very suitable for precison CMM machines or testing machines placed on top of surface plates.

Drastic reduction in passive vibrations affecting sensitive precision machines are the advantages of Dynemech’s Pneumatic Isolators besides providing long-term safety and life for the machine.