Thursday, 19 December 2013

End to Vibrations in Injection Moulding Machines

The noise and vibration problems created by injection moulding machines can be moderated by the installation of vibration absorbers. The composite material insulation plates help in energy absorption and reduction of noise and vibration.
Vertical adjustment wedge mounts are ideal solutions for precise, accurate, efficient and economical machinery levelling and installations.
Besides, vibration reduction and vibration isolation other benefits availed are:
ü  Rugged heavy duty construction of the mounts with varied load carting capacities
ü  Precise levelling with easy and smooth adjustment
ü  Enhanced machine stability as machine bolted to vibration reduction mounts.
ü  Relocation of machinery possible as no grouting or bolting necessary.
ü   “Machine Walking” prevented as per OSHA requirements.
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Injection Moulding Mounts

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  1. Nice post and good to know about vibration absorbers. These are essential to reduce the noise and vibration problems created by injection moulding machines.....

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