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With increasing working speeds, production cycles and installed power combined with reduction in machine metal mass has led to increase in dynamic loads and more intense vibration generation. At the same time CMMs have increasing found favour in quality control departments with quick and accurate measurements of complex dimensioned parts. To achieve production efficiency to combat the competitive manufacturing environment, more precise measuring & testing equipments are being installed in the same shop floor as the production machinery. Manufacturing excellence in such modern shop floors can be limited only by transient vibrations from basic production machinery to precise finishing machines & measuring labs. Dynemech Pneumatic Isolation system reduces the incoming vibration level to the great extent while maintaining required rigidity and levelling accuracy. Isolated foundation for CMM reduce high frequency and low amplitude vibrations passing in to the CMM. The inertia mass (Concrete Block) maintains machine stability.

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Passive Isolation Of Cmm & Measuring Machines
Passive Isolation Of Cmm & Measuring Machines 

Vibration Isolation Treatments for Coordinate Measuring Machines
Vibration Isolation Treatments for Coordinate Measuring Machines

Why is CMM vibration isolation solutions imperative?

  1. High Vibration Isolation Performance
  2. Fast , Easy and Inexpensive Machinery Installation - even on working machines with minimal down time
  3. Flexible layout Floor Plan , ease in machine relocation to accommodate expansion plans & technology induction - Permanent mobility of CMM with DLPM Mounts.
  4. Installation of Sensitive Quality Control and Testing Equipments and Heavy Production Machinery possible in the same workshop
  5. Low Maintenance and Easy to Install
  6. Prevents forced deterioration of sensitive machine, expensive unscheduled downtime and maintenance resulting in production losses.
  7. Automatic Machine Levelling of + 0.010mm and + 0.2mm available.
  8. Solutions of different natural frequencies available to suit various vibration problems based on vibration analysis report.

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