Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dynemech Systems

Low Natural Frequency DIT-AM Series AntiVibration

started its journey in the year 2000 with a goal to provide cost effective
vibration isolation technology and anti-vibration machinery mounting solutions
to Indian industries for Precision Machine Tools/Metrology Equipments. Dynemech
has designed a number of Anti-Vibration Solutions to achieve vibration and
shock isolation over a wider frequency range with lower transmissibility and
optimal machine performance.
with the same aim, Dynemech this year introduces low frequency anti vibration
table series DIT-AM designed and manufactured indigenously. DIT-AM
Series AntiVibration Table
launched in IMTEX 2017
(STALL NO. B-106 HALL NO.3C)  damps most
of the incoming vibrations above 6 Hz. Quality and performance  are at par with imported Vibration Isolation
Tables but prices compatible to Indian market, thus making in more accessible
to our manufacturer's and research institutions.  
top platform and equipment are supported by four or six membrane air springs
depending upon the size of table and the load it has to support. Three point
leveling system ensures stable and quick leveling of the tabletop platform. It
has two chambers - load and the damping chamber. A thin diaphragm lifts the
load upon charging the air spring. The damping can be controlled using external
valve to some extent. A back pressure relief valve releases excess air from the
system. The levelling during setup is done using Screw Support DLM mounts under
each leg. DLM mounts are assembled with a special designed insulation plates  DP1 or DP3 which damps higher frequency
incoming vibrations. The self levelling is done by plunger, piston mechanism.
The top platform self levels  itself to
the  repeatability of  + 0.15mm for any load changes on the
surface. The top granite plate has grade 0 flatness accuracy. It is suitable
for trouble free usage of all Metrology, Optical and Precision Measuring and
Testing Equipments like
Profile Projectors,
Microscopes, hardness testers, roundness testers, Gear profile testers, surface
roughness measuring machine, Contour Testing Machine, Surface Plates
even in high vibration zones like shop floors itself
for in process measurements.
Salient Features.
1. DIT-AM Series of AV Table
stable operating conditions for high precision
measuring instruments.
2. It
incorporates high performance vibration isolation.
Lowers Natural Frequency in the range of 2.5 to 3 Hz.
It damps most of the incoming vibrations and ensures smooth working of all
precision equipments even in the high vibration area.
2. Top surface plate levels
itself to the repeatability of + 0.15mm for any load changes on top of
the granite surface plate to ensure
immediate relevelling.
Continuous air supply of up to 6 bar is required.
3. Three point leveling
system ensures stable , quick leveling of the table top with vibration
4. Damping can be adjusted
using an external valve.
5. The leveling during setup
is done using Screw Support DLM mounts under each leg which also damps most of
the high frequency incoming vibrations. Ensures dual vibration damping
 6. The top surface plate has grade 0 flatness
accuracy ideal for Quality Control Laboratories.
7. Back pressure relief
valve releases excess air from the system.
8. Suitable for Metrology
equipments, Optical equipments, Microscopes,Balances and all types of precision
measuring and testing equipments

Dynemech Systems Pvt.


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