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AV mounts for Pumps

AV mounts for Pumps
AV Mounts for Pumps
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Anti-Vibration moutings
Dynamic forces of mechanical and hydraulic nature invariably are a major cause of  unwanted vibrations in pumping machinery.
Over the years , AV mounts for Pumps have become more of a necessity for several reasons
1. Lightweight construction of building  make if more susceptible to vibrate and anti vibration mountings below the foundation bolts become necessary.
2. Space Constraints and valuable floor space lead to installation of HVAC equipment like pumps in upper floors or nearby the main living space, making vibration transmission a real  annoyance.
3. The relationship between workplace comfort and productive efficiency can never be overemphasized and hence, vibration control a necessity.
4. Vibration sensitive quality control , testing and production machinery are often housed together to achieve manufacturing ease, yet making them susceptible to vibration transmission and inaccurate results.
Higher vibration transmission are known to cause :
1. Structural and building vibrations
2. Reduced pump performance
3. Impaired service life of the equipment
4. Distortion to foundation, pipe anchors
5. Seal failures , breakage of drive-shafts, bearings etc.
Of the multitude of mechanical, hydraulic or miscellaneous parameters or causes of vibration identified w.r.t. to inherent pump functioning elsewhere (1) , the most relevant to us seem to be pump machine setup (due to multiplicity of mounting bases) and the phenomenon of resonance.
For the proper functioning and safety of the pump and ancillary components like motors -gear-driver-etc., it is important components have to be mounted on the same level to avoid alignment problems. Varied AVmounts or anti-vibration mountings supplied by ENB can help achieve the same. Also, isolation at equipment connects-piping, conduit , ductworks, etc. and  isolation at building support points need to be considered.

Resonance- if the natural frequency of the machine or system is nearly equal to the frequency of the excitation , the resulting vibration can cause phenomenal damage. Hence, no natural frequency of the pump-engine-gear train and the supporting structure can lie in the typical operating speed range. Installing the pump-motor-supporting structure on ENB Vibration Isolation Pads help to reduce the natural frequency of the combine.

Even when the equipment is mounted directly on a rigid foundation, excessive structure vibration caused by absorption of vibration energy from the machinery  can be contained by :

1. Modifying the rigidly mounted machine-foundation setup to increase or decrease the resonance frequencies so that it doesn't match the machine's operating frequencies.

2. Isolate the equipment from the structure through ENB vibration isolators . 

Attention to simple, cost effective  highly efficient vibration absorbing mount that can dissipate, absorb and insulate against vibrations during design and installation of pumping equipments saves costly retrofitting of vibration isolators and machinery downtime later on. 
Our natural rubber av mounts provide static deflection of less than 5mm and hence are effective (isolation efficiencies greater than 90%) for equipment with driving frequencies greater than  25 Hz.
Inherent damping of the elastomeric, provide good vibration control in most industrial applications.
Salient features of ENB anti-vibration av mounts:

1)      Highest vibration absorption and lowest set characteristics due to
high natural rubber content.

2)     ENB is a leader in rubber to metal adhesion and our processes are
geared to enhance this adhesion for higher mount life under continuous

3)      The fail-safe that we are employing in our EGA Series mounts are
tested for Torque movement of top cup due to rotational motion. The EGA-105
(M16) is torque tested till 140 Nm.

4)      The final finishing, quality and performance of the mounts are as
per European standards.

5)      Dome cover and zinc plated metal provides protecting against oil , fuel contamination and corrosion resistance.

 1. Ravindra Birajdar , Rajashri Patil & Kedar Khanzode  "VIBRATION AND NOISE IN CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS - SOURCES AND DIAGNOSIS METHODS" presented at 3 rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure, Porto/Portugal, 20-24 July 2009  (link:
2. Garr M. Jones, PE, DEE, Robert L. Sanks, PhD, PE,   "Pumping Station Design: Revised 3rd Edition", Butterworth-Heinemann, 2011
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