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VIBRATION DAMPING SHEETS regarding Honing Applications

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Dynemech Mounts for Honing Machines
 VIBRATION DAMPING SHEETS regarding Honing Applications

Honing metalworking method is a metal removing method used soon after casting, sintering, drilling, boring, or reaming to obtain precise bore dimension, geometry (cylindricity, roundness, straightness, and taper) and also surface finish. Even though with all the development of precision machining and ultra accuracy machining engineering, machining precision determines to obtain sub micron level have enhanced, chatter is still a trouble at the time of grinding which usually influences surface quality instantly and also minimizes productivity within honing machinery. It happens to be significant in high precision honing process in which a small vibration tends to make the size or surface roughness of proposed part poor, bringing about rejections, hence making vibration damping important.

DYNEMECH anti vibration  PADS

1.                                                                                  Dynemech low natural frequency isolators damps almost all the inbound vibrations in addition to permit smooth operation.
2.    Divide the actual dynamical system (generating vibratory frequencies and shocks) via its surroundings.
3.    Through developing a phase difference of vibration frequency, both passive and vibration control is possible throughout honing applications.
4.    Pads made of high strength material in addition to quality production processes

5.    Enhanced in addition to consistent component finish, accuracy and part tolerances


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