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Vibration control in Precision Centerless Grinders

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Vibra Mountings -Anti Vibration Mounts

Centerless grinders are one of the most common tools used in manufacturing. These machines are used to remove material at a steady yet slow pace through the process of grinding. Centerless Grinding is equipped to grind a wide variety of studs, pins, bolts, screws, bushings, and other parts from a full range of materials. These machines are commonly found in manufacturing settings in aircraft, aerospace, defence, hardware, electronics, automotive, marine & medical industries.
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Centerless Grinder On Dynemech Vibra Mounts

It’s the relationship among these three basic components—grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work blade—that makes the difference between a successful centerless grinding application and one that gives headaches and bad parts. But, it is the same interaction that gives rise to undesirable vibrations leading to uneven surface finish, problem of chatter and rejection of job lots and overall loss of production efficiency. Unbalance in spindle-collet combine, grinding wheels, motors , bearings ,presence of outside vibration all affect the precision grinding process.  The use of centerless grinding has now a days become imperative in shops involved in high volume production runs.
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Grinders -Vibration Isolation

Forced vibration from machine rotating elements and self-excited vibration produce a relative radial movement between the wheel and work piece during grinding and the wheel and diamond during dressing, causing errors in work piece finish and form. By controlling vibration produced during the grinding and wheel dressing operations a measure of expected work piece accuracy and quality can be obtained.
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Anti Vibration Pads For CNC Grinders

Over the years, Dynemech has successfully isolated all kinds of passive vibration ie. vibrations coming to the centerless grinder from other impact and rotating machines of the shop floor and/or from other nearby sources. Our anti vibration solutions provide a unique combination of value, precision, productivity and practical usability. They also provide protection from vibrations transmission from the machines to nearby sensitive equipments and machines, to suspended floors, walls and buildings.

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Centerless Grinding Machinery Mounts

Dynemech has engineered different anti vibration solutions for centerless grinding machine depending upon the environments they are being installed in. Some of the scenarios are:

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DYNEMECH Precision Leveling Mounts and fixators

VHS with Dh insulation plate 
Precision Levelling Mounts - Series VHS mounts provide precise levelling and alignment. The top spherical plate of VHS Series compensates for the angular difference between the machine base and the floor. The body of the mount can be anchored to the floor to keep the mount positioned during installation of machines over Series VHS. The levelling can them be done after that. VHS Series mounts can be anchored to the floor or can be used as free standing elements. VHS series wedge combined with Dh insulation plate provided high stability along with vibration reduction.
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CNC Machine- Vibra Mounts

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Leveling Jacks for Grinding Machines

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Vibration Control in Grinding Machines

Our wedge mounts, Series DB with Ds2 insulation plate is most suitable for centerless grinding machines as it dampens vibration transmission from the machine to the floor and to the surrounding measuring instruments. It also damps vibrations coming from outside impact and rotating machines to the centerless grinder. 

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Vibration Damping Insulation Plates

For critical applications like centerless machine installation on suspended floor, during start up of the machine, the floor may vibrate with high amplitudes. Also, in scenarios wherein high velocity, and high amplitude shock waves are being transmitted from a power press or forging hammers, air springs or vibration isolating insulation plates may be used. 

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